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The 7th Uganda Evaluation Week 2019

Opening the UEW
The Government of Uganda represented by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) in partnership with the Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) organized the 7th Uganda Evaluation Week. The Uganda Evaluation Week is an international platform where policy makers, Government officials, Civil Society, Academia, Development Partners, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) practitioners, and the private sector meet to share evaluation experiences and participate in activities to develop and strengthen the evaluation function in participating countries. The event attracted participants from African Countries and Evaluation networks from around the World.

This year, the Uganda Evaluation Week was held from February 11th – 15th, 2019 at Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda under the theme “From Evidence Generation to Utilization”. To consolidate achievements in raising the profile and practice of evaluations in Uganda and worldwide, the main conference theme points to the need to move beyond generation of evidence to its utilization to strengthen accountability for development results or contribute to learning processes. “It is estimated that currently only 10% of evaluations are utilized to inform decision making or design, implying a rather low uptake of evaluations.”

Conference Sub-themes

Four sub-themes and corresponding strands were identified from the main theme. Abstracts in English were invited from experts, academics, researchers and students for Papers, Workshops, Panels, Roundtables and Exhibitions that communicate to the overall theme or the indicated sub-themes.
The sub-themes and their respective strands were:

Sub-theme 1: Making Evaluations Work
1. The Value of Evaluation
2. Utilization Focused Evaluation & decision making:
• Youth Employment
• Economic Development
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Better Social Services (Education, Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene Outcomes)
• Climate Change
• Human Rights
• Human Security
3. Private Sector’s approach to Monitoring and Evaluation in the use of evaluations
4. Case studies in Evaluation & Learning
5. Case studies on the role of the Executives, Parliament and Judiciary in Monitoring and Evaluation

Sub-theme 2: Capacity Building in Monitoring & Evaluation
1. Capacity building in Academia
2. Capacity building of Practitioners
3. Capacity building in Monitoring and Evaluation Policy
Sub-theme 3: Evaluation Culture & Ethics
1. Building the culture of Monitoring and Evaluation
2. Monitoring and Evaluation Ethics
3. Monitoring and Evaluation challenges
4. The Politics of Monitoring and Evaluation
Sub-theme 4: Promoting Evaluation Partnerships
1. Building sustainable Monitoring and Evaluation Networks & Partnership
2. Who cares to finance Monitoring and Evaluation?
3. Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation Partnership & Collaboration

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