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Evaluation Talk: Financial Monitoring challenges at Organisation, Program and Project level
Posted: August 24, 2021: You are invited to the National Evaluation Talk scheduled for Thursday 26th August 2021 starting from 2:00PM. The topic for discussion is Financial Monitoring challenges at Organization, Program and Project level. The presenter is Dr. Innocent Nuwagaba. The link for the talk will be shared in the next 48hrs. Brief about the Talk: The talk will explore five key financial process areas, including budget formulation, allocation, approval, financing and expenditure. What are the key challenges managers/officers at each level? How can you avoid and/or address them? Which innovative ways practices can managers and officers uptake to improve their performance? What should M&E do in addressing budgets for the interventions? Send your questions and be part of our lively discussion from 2.00-4.00pm on Thursday 26.8.2021.
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Currently, Dr. Innocent is undertaking an assignment as a management consultant with Uganda management Institute with key responsibilities of conducting consultancy, research, training and building the capacity of various participants from public private and civil society sector organisations at both international, National and local levels in M&E, Projects procurement, financial management, business administration, research and Public Private Partnerships. He holds a PhD in public Management and Governance from North West University in South Africa. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Post graduate certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation and Certificate in computer applications from Makerere University, A masters of management studies in Procurement and Supply Chain Management and Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, a Certificate in training of trainers, research Methodology, and Several other short courses from Uganda Management Institute. He has published a number of papers in the management of oil and gas and Public Private Partnership projects.

Professional M&E, financial, procurement and projects consultancy Experience
  • Worked as a lead consultant together with Dr. Alison Brettle from the U.K military academy and Dr. Victoria Nekesa, the personal medical doctor to the Ugandan President in undertaking a consultancy assignment to prepare for impact evaluation of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), after meeting with the President of Uganda; His excellence Yoweri Kaguta Musevini, the minister in charge of economic monitoring; Molly Kamukama and the principal personal secretary to the president of Uganda; Dr. Kenneth Omwona, in December, 2019.
  • Worked as a lead consultant in building the capacity of the key stakeholders of the dry lands integrated projects in developing activity reports for Monitoring and Evaluation, under Office of the Prime Minister being Implemented in Kalamoja sub region in North Eastern Uganda in 2019.
  • Worked as a lead consultant in undertaking organizational capacity assessment for Red Earth Uganda in 2017.
  • Worked as a lead consultant in undertaking exa-nte evaluation for the ‘our parliament’ project being implemented by Wizarts, Uganda in 2016.
  • Worked as a technical expert in undertaking administrative review for the procurement process of the construction project of Uganda Management Institute (Gulu Center) in 2016.
  • Worked as a technical expert in undertaking bids evaluation for the construction project of the head office of Uganda National Council for Higher Education in 2015.
  • Participated in undertaking organizational capacity assessment and developing M&E Plan for Central Public Health Laboratories (CPHL) under ministry of health in 2015
  • Worked as a technical expert in undertaking administrative review for the procurement process of the supervising engineering company for the construction project of Uganda Management Institute in 2011.
  • Worked as a technical expert in undertaking a post evaluation for the procurement process of the construction project of Uganda Management Institute in 2012.
  • Was part of the technical team that was involving in implementing the WB Project of Global Education Partnership (GEP) and AD technical support Project for higher Education under the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and technology in Eastern, Northern Western and Southern parts of Uganda in from 2013-2015 that had a component of M&E


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