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Evaluation Talk: Mobile Based Data Collection and Analysis using KOBO Toolbox
Capturing data in the field has for a long period meant using paper. With the continuous advancement in technology, paper data collection is becoming outdated, and regarded as an activity of the past, due to the continuous demand for timely data, and the need to cut the costs associated with paper data collection. By using an Android enabled smartphone or an Android tablet, or simply having internet access, field data can be collected using a mobile device, thus benefiting from all the advantages that electronic data gathering brings including; value input control, no costs of photo copying or printing, timely data submission, skipping irrelevant sections, elimination of transcribing errors from paper, among other advantages. With the tool / questionnaire on the mobile devise, the data is gathered on an electronic device like a smart phone, and the data is easily collected and stored on central server thus easing the data collection process where it can easily be retrieved for further analysis. This talk will therefore ignite the participants on the need to know, explore and learn how to develop, design and employ mobile based technologies in the various surveys or evaluations they conduct.

Presentation Outline.

i. Introduction to mobile based data collection.
ii. Why mobile based data collection.
iii. Mobile versus Paper based data collection.
iv. The Kobo toolbox App.
v. Data types in Kobo Toolbox.
vi. Designing of the XLS forms complaint questionnaires / tools (Offline).
vii. Online form design.
viii. The household roaster.
ix. Working with other Applications.
x. Server management.


Vicent is an Executive Member of Uganda Evaluation Association (U.E.A) representing the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs).
Vicent is a seasoned researcher, statistician and a Monitoring and Evaluation officer. He has worked with a number of NGOs, health institutions and research firms, specializing in the area of Monitoring & Evaluation, data management and analysis. He is a research associate with a number of consultancy firms like Impact Center for Applied Research, GB Consults, Earth partners, Leverage Mark, and he is an executive director at Development and Value Chain Initiative (DEVACI). He has developed, facilitated and delivered various trainings in the area of Monitoring & Evaluation, Data management and Analysis using various statistical software like Advanced Microsoft Excel, SPSS, STATA, NVIVO, Mobile based data Collection using Open Data Kit (ODK), Kobo Toolbox, Survey CTO, among other statistical applications across Uganda and other countries like Ivory Coast (Cote d’voire), Ghana, South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Besides the Uganda Evaluation Association, Vicent is a member of other international evaluation associations like International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS), a country representative (Uganda) with International Organization for Collaborative Outcome Management (IOCOM), among other evaluation associations, and he is passionate about passing on M&E skills across Africa and beyond.

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