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Professional Writing for Evaluators in the Development Practice: NET Presentation

NET Presentation
The discussion was guided by what is professional writing, What makes writing effective, The professional writing process, The art and science of professional writing (Gunning Fog Index, Tools for Improving clarity), Organizing Ideas Professionally (Deductive Vs Inductive approaches, Effective organization of main points, Persuading paragraphs).  Due to limited time, other avenues are being explored to deliver further materials on improving reporting skills i.e. planning writing around objectives and readers interest; selecting appropriate data collection and analytical methods for reports; communicating clearly; setting and reviewing reporting objectives; drawing conclusions and report editing professionally. To download the presentation, please click the link.

About Kenneth Otikal
Kenneth Otikal is a practicing Statistician, Development Planner/Economist and M&E specialist with over 14 years’ experience in Economic Planning, Population and Policy, Development Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Decentralization, Local Governance, Programme development and implementation, as well as program coordination. He holds a Master’s of Science in Population Studies-Demography from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), Masters in Monitoring & Evaluation and a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Economics. He has worked at various levels including; Implementation levels as (Statistician, Principal Economist/Planner, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Programme Coordinator, Research Field Supervisor and Census Manager); Research and Advisory levels (expert consultant with GHPro, USAID, UN Mission in South Sudan, Oxfam GB, Vision TERUDO, CIDI, SOCADIDO and Government of Uganda).

Kenneth has also provided long term technical assistance at national and subnational level for development planning, research and supervision; monitoring of strategic plans and programmes and addressed the challenges of decentralized service delivery, infrastructure development and rehabilitation under the PRDP. He is currently working as a Principal Planner/Economist with Government of Uganda- Dairy Development Authority under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal, Industry and Fisheries and Evaluation Consultant and Trainer on short-term or assignment basis. His strong competence are in the areas of Research, Monitoring, Evaluations, Rural development, Strategic Planning & Budgeting, Training, GIS mapping, Data management, Statistical and Demographic Analytical skills.
NET Presentation
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