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Global Evaluation Initiative News Letter: Powered by Evidence
The recent Global Economic Prospects report, released by the World Bank in January, caught the attention of the media and the world. The report warns of the potential of a global recession, which will put many countries in economic distress – exacerbated further by the continuing impact of COVID-19 flare-ups, new instances of conflict and increasing effects of climate change. Country governments will be asked to do more – to provide more – with fewer resources.

In times of crisis, it is critical that decision-makers understand the relevance and effectiveness of policy interventions. As government resources are stretched thin, knowing what is working and what is not is essential information that can guide governments in taking the right action – choices that will, inevitably, impact the well-being of their citizens.

The GEI Network supports government partners every day in their efforts to bring evidence to the forefront of public sector decision-making. We provide diagnostic, technical, and other advisory support services to help governments at every step. From helping governments define needs, goals and opportunities, to suggesting solutions tailored to the local context, to supporting implementation, we equip public sector officials with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to make the hard decisions with the best information possible.

Most importantly, our work with country governments contributes to building a global culture of evidence-based decision-making that elevates the value of monitoring, evaluation and evidence use for weathering crises, building resilience and improving lives.

In this issue of our newsletter, we share with you examples of the GEI mission in action. From CLEAR-LAB helping the Brazilian Federal Government design evaluations for federal policies, to CLEAR-FA supporting the creation of a pool of trained evaluators for the government of Comoros, to the unique network-building opportunities available to public sector participants through IPDET’s annual training, GEI Partners are creating stories of change all over the world.

GEI Speaks to Susan Sulu, Permanent Secretary, Min. of National Planning, Solomon Islands
GEI Speaks to Susan Sulu, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Planning & Development Coordination, Solomon Islands about the country's experience conducting a Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Analysis (MESA) with GEI, the importance of gathering evidence and creating a system that informs decision-making, and plans to expand partnerships through GEI.

Collaborations, Connections, and Conversations: The Value of gLOCAL Evaluation Week
As GEI begins planning this year's gLOCAL Evaluation Week, we are reflecting on the value that the event brings to participants. GEI's Implementing Partner, CLEAR-SA recently spoke with the Good Business Lab (GBL), a not-for-profit labor innovation organization that has been an active partner of gLOCAL Evaluation Week in South Asia since gLOCAL’s inception in 2019. Learn more here

CLEAR-SA Conducts Impact Evaluation Training with NITI Aayog, the Government of India’s Public Policy Think Tank
GEI Implementing Partner, CLEAR-SA, hosted a ten-part lecture and case studies training on impact evaluation methods for policymakers and practitioners at NITI Aayog, the Government of India’s apex public policy think tank. This series was developed to provide participants a thorough understanding of impact evaluation methods to facilitate evidence-informed policymaking. Learn more here


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