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Situation Analysis Study For The Project For Establishment Of Sustainable Model Villages In Uganda (ESMV) Phase II

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is currently supporting the Project for Establishment of Saemaul Model Villages (ESMV) in Uganda.  The Project is jointly implemented by KOICA and Mpigi District Local Government on behalf of the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG). Following the successes realised during the project implementation from 2015 to date, MoLG has requested for scaling up the ESMV project to two more districts and KOICA is considering the same.

The purpose of the proposed five (5) year scale up project in the Districts of Mpigi, Mityana and Kalungu is to further demonstrate how community participation can enhance sustainable rural development based on Saemaul Undong model which is credited for the transformation of the rural South Korean economy using the principles of self-help, diligence and cooperation.

Click here to download the ToR for the project