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NEC 2017 Conference

Evaluation Materials and new insights from the NEC 2017 Conference

This is to invite you to view the conference materials for the 2017 National Evaluation Capacities Conference held recently in Turkey at the link below. There many emerging trends in the evaluation field. For example, there are questions around the relevance and application of the logical framework; it is not a linear relationship to assume that once inputs are spent and activities are implemented then expected outputs and outcomes will result automatically. There are many non-linear and complex interactions that are never measured making monitoring and evaluation conclusions inaccurate. The Uganda Evaluation Standards were prepared on the basis of the OECD/DAC and AFREA Standards. Both the later are under review; it is felt that these standards are no longer sufficient to guide evaluators in their work. Many new dimensions relating to SDGs, Climate Change, Environmental sustainability, young and emerging evaluators, private sector evaluations and gender and equity responsiveness have come up that necessitate that these standards are reviewed and upgraded.

Click here to download and Enjoy the reading as we grow our profession.

Rosetti Nabbumba Nayenga
Uganda Evaluation Association