Evaluation Talks

Monitoring and Evaluation Philosophy

Please click here to download the presentation material from the National Evaluation Talk for September 2018


Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. It is the study of the theoretical basis of all knowledge. Monitoring and Evaluation as a Discipline must therefore have some Philosophical base. The philosophical base of M&E must therefore define: 1) The Ontology (the nature of reality and the fundamental principles) that distinguishes M&E from all other disciplines; 2) The Epistemology of M&E (The way we can acquire knowledge about M&E? How we know that, that which we intend to know about M&E? What is the best way of knowing M&E issues? Why do we trust the way in which we acquire knowledge on M&E? etc. 3) The Axiological issues in M&E (The ethical issues) which underpin the practice and studies of M&E (What guide our choices when we conduct M&E? Do we care about the consequences of actions as we conduct M&E? Are our actions and decisions values in themselves or we are just preoccupied by the results of our actions but not the ways in which we arrive at the result of our actions? In this Evaluation talk we shall explore the essence of M&E Philosophy and debate the implications of knowing and not knowing M&E philosophy to M&E Scholars, M&E Practitioners and M&E Commissioners.

Key Words: M&E Philosophy, Ontology, Epistemology Axiology


Mr. Bongomin is the AG. Head Management Department, Uganda Management Institute. He is a Member of the Uganda Evaluation Association Executive Committee representing Academia. He is a trainer, researcher and a leader with a highly successful background in managing development programs. He is experienced in working with Higher Academic Institutions, Faith Based and Non-Governmental Organizations, Development Agencies, Communities, Government Institutions and individuals in organizations. Other responsibilities include; Senator with the University of Sacred Heart Gulu, Chairperson of School Research Committee (School of Business & Management – UMI), Chairperson of the Academic Staff Association of Uganda Management Institute, Chairperson of Academy for Leadership & Life Skills, Chairperson of the Former Seminarian Association for Gulu Archdiocese, and Vice Chairperson of Mission for Rural Transformation Uganda. As far as research and publication is concerned, he has conducted several researches, presented papers at International Conference and published Journal Articles.

Mr. Bongomin is completing a PhD in Education Management, Policy & Law (2018), acquired a Masters of Arts (Development Studies), Postgraduate Diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation, Bachelors of Philosophy, Diploma in Project Planning & Management, Diploma in Philosophy & Religious Studies, Certificate in Qualitative Methods in Evaluation, Certificate in Conflict Management, Certificate in Public Administration & Management, Certificate in Pedagogy Skills, Certificate in Training of Trainers in Monitoring & Evaluation, Certificate in Training of Trainers, and Certificate in Computer Skills.