How to join UEA

We are grateful for your expression of interest in subscribing to the Uganda Evaluation Association.

Some of the benefits to our paid up members include but are not limited to;

  1. Certificate of membership to a professional evaluation body
  2. Access to short and long term training opportunities in M&E
  3. Access to information on evaluation events and activities
  4. Exchange of knowledge and skills on evaluation methodologies among local and international practitioners
  5. Network opportunities and access to USAID learning and empowerment component
  6. Access to monthly Evaluation Talks
  7. Consultancy and job opportunities from partners organizations and government agencies
  8. Securing UEA recommendation/support for M&E scholarships

The payment plan will is as follows;

  • YEEs and Students shall pay a one time membership fee of Ugx. 100,000; followed by annual subscription of Ugx. 50,000
  • Adult practitioners shall pay a one time membership fee of Ugx. 200,000; followed by annual subscription of Ugx. 100,000
  • Institutions shall pay a one time membership fee of Ugx. 2,000,000; followed by annual subscription of Ugx. 1,500,000. Institutional fees shall cover up to 20 persons of the same institution.

Having paid the one time membership fee, you will be assigned a permanent membership ID, and user credentials that will enable you login to a members’ panel on our website (upgrade of website with more useful and interactive features is in progress).

Funds can be deposited to;

Bank: Barclays Bank
Account Name: Uganda Evaluation Association
Account No. 0341216486

NB: Please take a snapshot of the deposit slip and send it to

Click here to register to our mailing database to keep you in the loop:

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  1. I learnt about Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) from my manual reader of Impact Evaluation from Uganda Management Institute. I’m pursuing Post graduate diploma in M&E from UMI.

    I’m so impressed to join UEA with focus of contributing my service towards the development of our country, Africa and Globe as a whole.

    Atetri Wilfred

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