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New UEA Executives

The Executive Committee of the Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) extends its sincere appreciation to you our valuable members for attending the Annual General Meeting held on 29th June 2018 hosted by Uganda Management Institute.

According to ARTICLE 6(a) of the Articles of Association, “an Executive Committee which shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting every after two years and members shall not hold the same office for more than two terms. During the last AGM, the membership went through and electoral process which ushered new leaders as follows:

  1. President – Albert Byamugisha (PhD)
  2. Vice President- Matthew Lubuulwa
  3. General Secretary- Josephine Watera
  4. Treasurer- Annette K. Oleng

Additionally Article 7 (e) provides that the elected Executive Committee shall co-opt the three members to the Executive Committee. Consequaetly the following were co-opted:

  1. Committee Member- Lugemoi Wilfred Bongomin (Academia)
  2. Committee Member- Charles Abola (Private Sector)
  3. Committee Member- Vicent Ssenyondo (NGO/CSO)

The team wishes to extend utmost appreciation to the previous Executive Committee (ExCom) members for their invaluable service and pledges to vehemently steer the Association to the full realization of its 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, with a theme “Evaluative Thinking: A Key to Development Results”

Your continued support to the Association is highly appreciated.