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AfrEA Conference 2019 – Call for Volunteers

Preparations for the 2019 AFREA Conference in West Africa during March 2019 have started.

This is a call for volunteers that wish to participate in the various sub-committees of the AfrEA 2019 Conference Organizing Committee. Kindly click here to find the attached list of various sub- committees to be selected from. Fill in your name in the cell named Volunteers/Individual responsible and send response to

7 Responses

  1. I am interested in the conference.
    Thanks for the good work done for transformation of evaluation discipline.

    1. We shall keep updating you as information comes in. Thank you

  2. I am interested in the conference. Thank you for organizing.

  3. I am interested to participate in the conference

  4. I want to volunteer because im a masters student doing management and leadership. I look forward to a future when Africa will be self sufficient in everything because all the world resources come from her.Keep up AFrEA !!

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