Training YEEs

2-hour Research workshop at UTAMU

UTAMU is organizing a 2-hour research workshop to be held at Uganda Technology and Management University campus in Bugolobi on Saturday 28th July, 2018 starting 8:30am to 11:00am. 


– Critical analysis in academic reading and writing

– Research Philosophy Vs. methodological choices

The former covers the process of critical literature review, how to reflect on research findings and writing plausible discussions and conclusion. Research Philosoph y, on the other hand, covers the various research designs and philosophical assumptions that underpin their adoption in research projects.

Note: The workshop is not restricted to UTAMU students but open to students from other universities. 

The workshop is very beneficial to those intending to and those writing their masters dissertations or PhD theses.

It is free of charge. However, the materials go for 15,000/= in form of a handbook if you would be interested.

If interested, please book your place by texting 0703456845 or 0776933200.

Wishing you the best in your research endeavours.