Young and Emerging Evaluators: The YEE Program

Evaluation’s vital goal is to contribute to sustainable and equitable development. This goal can only be achieved through production of high-quality evaluations that meet standards (utility, feasibility, propriety, accuracy, and accountability).

However, the pool of skilled evaluators is shallow and demand far exceeds supply. The challenge is “how can we increase national or regional capacity to produce high-quality evaluations of sustainable development initiatives?”


  1. This is a great presentation…and an Innovation at best…! Thanks Theodorah


  3. Mwolobi can ihave ameeting with you on M&E?iam apublished author scientific ,now on masters ofM&E at utamu,Jimmy 0753717114:let me have your contact big issue accademic in M&E.Jimmy

  4. This is a very good idea that will help shape the future of aspiring evaluators. Thank you Theo and Victor and the entire Uganda Evaluators Association. I am interested in being part of this movement.

    • We are grateful for your expression of interest in subscribing to the Uganda Evaluation Association. Some of the benefits to our paid up members include but are not limited to;

      1. Certificate of membership to a professional evaluation body
      2. Access to short and long term training opportunities in M&E
      3. Access to information on evaluation events and activities
      4. Exchange of knowledge and skills on evaluation methodologies among local and international practitioners
      5. Network opportunities and access to USAID learning and empowerment component
      6. Access to monthly Evaluation Talks
      7. Consultancy and job opportunities from partners organizations and government agencies
      8. Securing UEA recommendation/support for M&E scholarships

      We have three payment plans, students pay ugx. 100,000; non students pay ugx.200,000 and institutions of not more than 20 persons pay ugx.3,000,000 for the entire group. Please find our banking details below;

      Account Name: Uganda Evaluation Association
      Account Number: 0341216486
      Bank: Barclays Bank

      NB: On the bank paying in slip, please put both your names in the “paid in by” section. Also, let me know when the banking is accomplished so that your account is activated.

      Please Follow the link below to register in our database:

  5. i like the association so much ,and i already registered and fully paid up member of the association, am now looking for a volunteer placement to get some experience in M&E. even if its one day a week . placement should be with in Kampala because am still a student doing MSc .M&E at UMU.
    Thank you for the kind help.

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