Vacancy – Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

The AIDS Information Centre – Uganda (AIC) was founded on 14th February 1990 to provide Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) to the population of Uganda. AIC was the 1st of its kind in Africa and has become a centre of excellence in the provision of HCT services. AIC offers a number of HIV prevention, care and support services through its 8 regional centres that cover all regions of Uganda. These include Arua (West Nile region), Lira (Mid North region), Soroti (North-Eastern region), Mbale (Mid-Eastern region), Jinja (Eastern region), Kampala (Central region), Mbarara (Western region) and Kabale (South-Western region). It currently supports more than 40 districts with a range of HIV and TB services. The services include HCT, Palliative Care and treatment of opportunistic infections (OIs). AIC works closely with all hospitals, Health Center IVs and Health Center IIIs in the districts to provide routine counselling and testing services in the following clinics: TB Clinic, STI clinic, Antenatal clinic, clinics for under five and the wards. Other services offered include: Clinical services like, diagnosis and Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Tuberculosis (TB), Family Planning (FP), PMTCT and management of opportunistic infections (including Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis). Furthermore, AIC has an arm of supporting health systems strengthening to these health facilities. The support is in building capacity of health workers in HIV counselling and testing, data management through proper recording and reporting using the HMIS, coordination of HIV services at district level, support to logistics management especially HIV test kits, laboratory reagents and HIV registers at facilities. AIC supports HIV prevention services and these are promoted through Post Test Club/Philly Lutaaya Initiative (PTC/PLI) activities. These clubs are used to mobilize communities for HIV services including HCT, sensitizing these communities about HIV and how to prevent transmission, psychosocial support for people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) on positive prevention and drama depicting the ABC strategy, discordance, disclosure, TB infection, STIs and other messages. Furthermore, AIC conducts HCT outreaches including HIV prevention services, care and support in communities targeting the Most At Risk Persons (MARPS). HTS services are provided as an integrated package of comprehensive management of HIV/AIDS.

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Functionally Supports: Monitoring and Evaluation Officers at the Regions

 Main Purpose of the Job

To carry out overall monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of AIC programs, and to provide the related operational and strategic information necessary for ensuring effective implementation of the programs

Key Outputs

  • Up-to-date system, procedures, tools and strategies, procedures and guidelines for the monitoring and evaluation of AIC programs in place
  • Indicators for monitoring and evaluation of AIC programs developed
  • Operational plans and schedules for monitoring and evaluation drawn up
  • Implementation of AIC programs effectively monitored and evaluated
  • Regular reports on the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of AIC programs prepared
  • Necessary support provided to Monitoring and Evaluation staff at the regions
  • Technical support provided in appraising the performance of the Monitoring ang Evaluation Officers in the regions, and in identifying their capacity development needs
  • Up-to-date database maintained on AIC activities
  • Impact of AIC activities on HIV/AIDS evaluated, in collaboration with other agencies implementing HIV/AIDS programmes in Uganda
  • Ways of improving AIC’s interventions identified from monitoring and evaluation exercises
  • Periodic reports on AIC interventions produced and disseminated to relevant stakeholders
  • Periodic reports on monitoring and evaluation activities submitted to the Director Operations

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Put in place and continually update the system, tools, strategies procedures and guidelines for the monitoring and evaluation of AIC programmes
  • Develop indicators for the monitoring and evaluation of AIC programmes, in collaboration with the respective programme Directors and Managers
  • Develop work plans and budgets for the monitoring and evaluation of AIC’s programmes, and agree on the plans and budgets with the Director Operations, Director Prevention and Care, and the respective program managers
  • Regularly carry out monitoring of the implementation of the various AIC programs, in conjunction with the respective program managers where possible
  • Evaluate the implementation of programs from the monitoring data, identify obstacles to the implementation of the programs and advise AIC management on necessary follow-up actions
  • Receive reports from the Monitoring and Evaluation Officers at the regions, consolidate them, and identify issues on which action is necessary
  • Produce timely monitoring and evaluation reports on the implementation of AIC programs, disseminate information from the reports as appropriate, and advise on necessary follow-up actions
  • Using information from monitoring and evaluation exercises, advise on ways of improving AIC’s interventions; and provide feedback to key partners including Donors and the Ministry of Health
  • Provide technical support to the Monitoring and Evaluation Officers at the regions as necessary
  • Coordinate and maintain an overall AIC programme database which can be updated periodically to facilitate planning, easy access to information and tracking of AIC activities
  • Work closely with other agencies implementing HIV/AIDS programmes in Uganda, including UAC and the Ministry of Health, to formulate strategies for evaluating the impact of AIC activities on HIV/AIDS
  • Carry out periodic impact assessments for AIC’s programmes
  • Keep control of the expenditures on monitoring and evaluation activities, against the budget
  • Participate in the periodic performance appraisal exercises for the Monitoring and Evaluation Officers at the regions
  • Identify training needs of the Monitoring and Evaluation Officers at the regions, and propose necessary staff training and development interventions
  • Participate in planning and organizing programme reviews, including feedback workshops at regional and national levels
  • Participate in the development of AIC strategic and annual plans
  • Submit to the Director Operations, as often as required but at least quarterly, a full written report of monitoring and evaluation activities

 PERSON SPECIFICATION:  Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

 Minimum Academic Qualifications:

  • 1st degree in Statistics, Economics or SWSA
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management

Minimum Experience and Exposure:          

  • 6 years work experience, with 3 years at managerial level in data management and program planning and management
  • Experience of working in the health sector

Special Knowledge:

  • Data Management
  • Principles of program monitoring and evaluation
  • Principles and Protocols of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care
  • Rights of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Key Skills

  • Computer skills relevant to data management
  • Database design
  • Statistical analysis skills
  • Training skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Report writing skills

Other Qualities/Attributes

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Confidentiality
  • Innovativeness

Apply to

Human Resource Department
Box 10446



  1. I am very concerned with adverts for ME jobs where by the requirements ME qualifications are never considered. I think the Association has to sensitive employers that now days there are many institutions training courses in ME right from Cert, Diploma and Ms level.

  2. I am interested in the job and I have all requirements except working with directly in health sector. However I am Municipal Planner who Plan for Health Department as well.

    I hereby submit my application for the above advertized position of Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist.
    I am a male, Ugandan by Nationality, aged 41 and working with Local government as a Senior Planner. I joined Kabale Municipal Council in 2009 and having worked with the USAID supported NGO for three years as per attached resume and documents.
    I hold a Masters in Management Studies (Project Planning and Management) , Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation all of Uganda Management Institute (UMI), Bachelor of Statistics of Makerere University and Ordinary Diploma in Education Secondary of Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK).
    I have been a head of Kabale Municipal Council Planning Unit (Senior Planner in acting and substantive Capacity) and a monitoring and evaluation focal person officer for the last seven years.
    I have Monitoring and Evaluation skills managerial skills, proven competence in qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques, computer skills, a result oriented and ability to effectively prioritize and execute multi-functional tasks in a high- pressure environment to drive results and meeting tight deadlines. Due to the possession of knowledge of relevant statutory, regulatory requirements, flexibility, critical thinking and problem solving, analytical skills and negotiations, I have been a USMID coordinator the World Funded programme for Kabale Municipality since its inception of the Programme, the Member of Contracts Committee, lead person in monitoring of the projects and vote controller for Planning Unit for the last eight years and Co-opted member of physical Planning Committee. For further information about me, I refer you to the attached curriculum Vitae and other supporting documents.
    With great hope of being considered, I look forward to hear from you.
    Yours faithfully
    Korugyendo Wilberforce

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