Burundi Mentoring Programme

Burundi Mentoring Programme:
On a happy note, we also wish to inform you that the UEA won a bid for the AFREA-USAID/QED learning project for mentoring other African VOPEs. Specifically, this will involve a team of three mentoring the Burundi VOPE for five days and the Burundi team spending five days in Uganda learning about how we manage the VOPE. We have promises of also handling the Ethiopian VOPE. I encourage you to pay your membership dues because this will be the first criteria for selecting the team(s). Other criteria shall include active participation in UEA activities, a deep understanding of UEA governance, capacity building and other dimensions and professional ability to prepare training modules and execute them within a very short time.


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  1. The purpose of implementing such a mentoring programme is both to build the confidence of young people; ┬áto help identify and expand their knowledge, leadership skills, and abilities; and to create a system of sustainability within youth organizations. Mentoring catalyzes a ‘

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