EvalYouth Virtual Conference 2016 ­ Concept Note

Virtual EvalYouth Conference 2nd December 2016 – Bringing together young and emerging evaluators (YEEs) to discuss how to build bridges in Evaluation (link).

EvalYouth was officially launched in November 2015 in Nepal, Kathmandu. EvalYouth was represented by 23 young and emerging evaluators (YEEs) who played an active role in the EvalPartners global evaluation event, and contributed to the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016­2020 (Agenda’2020). During the event, several sessions and activities related to the newly established global EvalYouth network were held and the priorities and implementation strategies of the initiative for the coming two years were identified and agreed upon. One of the priorities that was identified was to organize one virtual and one face to face conference. Holding an EvalYouth virtual conference was considered a priority because YEEs have great need for capacity building and networking opportunities that are free of charge.

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  1. hi, I just wanted to find out if this opportunity is for paid up members of UEA or if a post graduate student like me can participate.

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