Short report of P2P Project with The RICE for SDGs Project

The second exchange visit of the RICE Project started on 25th and ended on 29th June 2017. The Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA members who visited Tanzania Evaluation Association (TanEA) were Asiimwe Joy Turyamwijuka (General Secretary of UEA), Miss Theodore Mwolobi (Young Emerging Evaluator), and Mr Timothy Lubanga (Ag Commissioner for M&E at Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda OPM) joining on skype. The Chairman of TanEA, Dr Francis Mwaijande and Commitee members Immaculata Komba and Isaac Kiwango organised the meeting on the side of TanEA. The main objective of the exchange visit was to have a face to face interaction of members from both VOPEs and share on their strengths and weaknesses, good practices and lessons for future engagement. This is in line with the objectives of the project namely:

  1. To strengthen TanEA in mobilization capacity and
  2. To strengthen TanEA’s capacity to promote evaluations practice by planning and executing sensitization events.

The Two days workshop was held at Mzumbe University and also addressed by officials from UNICEF. UNICEF participants talked to the audience about Equity Focused Evaluation (EFE) as a major focus on evaluating SDGs. The audience was educated on the difficulty of evaluation of SDGs since they are not interventions but plans that guide development interventions. The discussion of YEEs programmes raised issues of capacity building in practical learning of M&E through apprenticeship. Also discussed was leadership of VOPEs, mobilisation & role of members in sensitisation of stakeholders of Evaluation in Government and Civil society Organisations (CSO), and continuous individual capacity development.

Members of the two VOPEs discussed sustainability of VOPEs based on what association offers them in terms of career development for long term concrete benefits. All in all, the dialogue noted that VOPEs have a pool of professionals who should lead and influence development actors towards operationalising the National policies on Evaluation at the grassroot. Despite the delay to start due to Eid el fitri holidays that fell on 26 – 27th, members of the two VOPEs appreciated the opportunity to share ideas that could lead to further cooperation in future

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