Monthly Archives: July 2016

Documentation for Process Evaluation of the GoU Family Planning programmes

Researchers from Socio-Economic Data Centre (SEDC) have been working with the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Prime Minister to undertake a process evaluation of the GoU family planning programmes. The study was part of a set of studies undertaken under the Uganda Country Policy Window of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation...
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Africa Evidence Network Newsletter

In an effort to keep the communication happening here, I’m sending you the latest African Evidence Network bulletin – there’s lot of interesting things here to contemplate, especially before their annual conference in September. What strikes me particularly is that so many of the organisations producing evidence (in this bulletin) are international organisations, with the...
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UNDP Evaluation Annual Report 2015

2015 was a landmark year for evaluation in the United Nations with the system-wide celebration of the Year of Evaluation. It is therefore a distinct pleasure to present this Annual Report on Evaluation, which showcases the spectrum of evaluation activities during the past year in which UNDP’s IEO was deeply involved. Prominent among these was the...
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